Course curriculum

Factor is a seven session course (once a week) divided into orientation, five classes and graduation.

These five classes are divided into:

Ready to learn: Involves parents in social, emotional and physical development of their children.

  1. The road to success.
  2. Their children’s physical well being and academic performance.

Mapping the way forward: Empowers parents to navigate the school system and achieve a technical career or college education for their children.

  1. Encourage good habits in families.
  2. Getting to know the school system - STEM

Twenty-first century skills: Provides parents with tools to help their children acquire skills that will help them gain success in life, such as: teamwork, automotivation, empathy, assertiveness, curiosity and creativity.

  1. Preparing for college and twenty-first century skills

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By acquiring the License, it is possible to redo the program in any given area.

This includes staff training, teaching material, recruitment training, and all necessary support so that the program can run successfully.

The License also enables a district to be self-sufficient by PEA. Also, this can be implemented on districts in Northern California or any other state.

Our research-based curriculum includes the following topics divided into five lessons:

Ready to Learn: Engage parents in the social, emotional and physical development of their child.

Mapping the way forward: Teaching parents about the school system empowers them to guide their child to go to college, parents also learn about STEM and STEAM.

21st Century Skills: Provide parents with the necessary tools to help their child develop the capabilities that will help them strengthen their skills for life.

The 1 Year License includes:

  • 5-lesson curriculum in printed and digital form - English and Spanish
  • Facilitators lesson plans - English and Spanish
  • Presentation materials: 5 PowerPoint presentations, one per lesson

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Parent Engagement Advisors offers education consulting services for support in the implementation of Factor.

The 3-day training includes:

  • 3 days of on-site training with your implementation team on methodology and implementation strategies.
  • Implementation manual in printed and digital form.
  • Presentation materials: 2 PowerPoint presentations, one with the general methodology and one for the parent orientation session.

Course guides

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